About Bree


about bree.

We are who we are because of the people we love, because of the places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve shaken hands with. No matter who you are, where you come from, the money in your pockets or the clothes you wear – in my corner, you are loved. No matter your religion, beliefs, orientation. color, sex, creed – you are loved. You deserve beautiful documentation of the truth of your life. That’s where photography comes in.

I have been behind the sound of the shutter for twelve beautiful years. I grew up in neighbors back yards and down by the lake barefoot, camera in hand. My developmental years in photography were deeply focused on self portraiture, learning to play with light, to tell my story and to create in order to express myself. I gave my creativity permission to be a defining trait of mine, and I owe a lot of who I am today to that younger version of myself. I spent countless years utilizing a camera to freeze a moment in time for the sake of art. I went on to study and receive my Bachelors of Fine Arts and spent hours upon hours developing film, playing with color, adjusting the representation of reality to make it perfect. I fell in love. Now at 25 years old I don’t call myself an artist anymore, I call myself a documenter.

Stepping in to the world of weddings for me means a paradigm shift in how I think about the utilization of a camera and the people in front of it. I have let go of the word “artist” in terms of my wedding photography, because I firmly believe that it’s tied to a sense of ego. I often hear it show up as ‘my version is the best version of your story’, and ‘you have hired me for my art’ or ‘I am a curator of your day’- which couldn’t be further from the truth for me anymore.

In reality, your wedding day is sacred, and on that day there is no place for my art. The real truth is, if you decide to work with me, it is because you desire a documentation of the beautiful and messy and honesty of your story. You yearn for the truth.

Whether you realize it or not, you as a human have a story that existed long before your experience with me, and it will continue to grow and unravel and complicate and develop long, long after me. In ten years, you will forget my name. In 60 to 70 plus years, these images will end up on your beloved’s bedside during their last breaths as you hold them and remember. I have played no part in your love and history and the fist fight of love you have worked hard to build, I have no place within your story except to document the truth of what I see on this incredibly sacred day that will shake the ground for the story of your future.

I feel incredibly honored that you’ve made it this far, to desire to know me and I feel humbled at the opportunity to capture your story and be allowed in, even if only for a moment. You are the hero of this story always. Not me. You are so, so loved.

Bree Woolliscroft