I'm Bree, I like things clean and classic. I believe in imagery that will stand the test of time, and a love that will do the same.

I grew up a storyteller with a camera in hand. My developmental years in photography at 15 were deeply focused on self portraiture, learning to play with light, and telling a story through frames. I went on to receive my Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from Rutgers University & Florida State University and spent hours upon hours developing black and white film in a dark room, adjusting the representation of reality to make it perfect. I fell in love with the craft and now, at 29, I'm thankful to call this commitment to craft my life's work.


A commitment to craft, beauty, romanticism and heirloom imagery. 

Photography is my way of showing the world how I see, and perceive space, time, and relationships. However, beautiful photographs aren't created in a vacuum - it's so important to the creative process for me to connect with my subjects and clients to understand them on a personal level. I ultimately seek to document the perfect balance of raw emotion and natural beauty that is your story. I enjoy the process of guiding my couples through this experience in a way that feels natural and allows us to become fast friends while touching on every detail of the day before it happens so that you can be in the moment.

images by Marina Pochepkina

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Quality Time & Physical Touch

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Type 3, Wing 4

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Cotton Candy

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Champagne or a spicy margarita

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Greys Anatomy


Ed Westwick

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Anything sweet & buying plane tickets!

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Topshop & Madewell

Dream Home


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Taylor Swift (always!)


currently, learning spanish! 

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Brunch, weddings  & editing


Greys Anatomy


Ed Westwick

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the Bewitched Twitch

listening to

Taylor Swift (always!)

guilty pleasure

Plane tickets & candles

take my money

Topshop & Cold Stone


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weekend plans

Brunch & editing

a few more things you should know: 

Film allows me to be present in my image making process. The colors are unbeatable, and it really ties my work together in a heirloom way that will never go out of style. Plus, it's what my university degree is in & how I learned.

Film is my favorite photo medium

From Parisian blues to Valencian tapas to little English cobblestone alleyways - Europe is a second home & constant source of inspiration for my work, and I've studied 6 years of the french language and am currently also learning Spanish!

I adore everything European

no 2

My husband is from the UK, and so we spend at least a month between Manchester & Spain annually - our dream is to end up in Barcelona or Valencia full time in the future!

We split our time between Denver, England & Spain

No 1

no 3

Romantic images don't have to be posed.

I take a 50/50 approach to all weddings and sessions. With a slight hand in gentle guidance and direction while still allowing you to show your personalities, this formula helps me create beautiful images that feel effortlessly like you.

 I believe

Your photos shouldn't live on a screen.

 I believe

I'm a huge advocate for printing your images, and along with all of my bookings, I include a few intentional client gifts that will show you just how much the experience changes when you print your photos.

Your details deserve to be noticed

Your invitations, shoes, cufflinks, rings and florals are all a part of the day that you so intentionally chose. I ensure that all of my couples details will be documented, so that thirty years from now when you look back, your little decisions will be as sentimental as they were on the day.

 I believe