elevate your brand

The ability of a brand to tell a story is rooted in your visuals, and how you show up for your clients. There is magic in the story of your product, and the hard work that went in to creating such a masterpiece. There is dignity in having incredible images of your brand and your employees doing the work that pushes your brand purpose forward.

Let's take something that's already beautiful, and make it a masterpiece.


1 hour product photography session - $300

1 hour headshot session - $350 flat fee + $50 per add'l employee

1 hour lifestyle session - $400

2 hour product photography session - $500

2 hour product photography & headshot session - $550

4 hour all inclusive headshot, lifestyle & product photography session - $800

additional hours - $200

Studio rental - $200/2 hours

the process

I believe in intention and curation, wholeheartedly. Thus, I want to assist in the uncovering of your brand's identity and then show it off to the world, something you can be proud of.

Following your inquiry, our relationship will begin on a foundation of intention and care for your product as if it's my own. We will narrow down your needs, be it headshots, product flat lay photography, or lifestyle imagery of your team. Collaboratively, we will put together a mood board and work together to understand and curate the emotion and feeling that you want your brand to reflect. We'll choose a location, assist with any outfit decisions and we will design your session from beginning to end, together. In the end, you'll be gifted with a collection of imagery that will strengthen your brand message so that going forward, there isn't a question of who you are, what work you do, or who you do it for.

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